Welcome to Mountain Hollow Game Calls

As we enter into our 32nd year in the business, our products, packaging and knowledge still continue to grow. We are very proud of our business and customer base. You, our customers, have made this possible. To you we say “Thank You.” As we continue to grow in the Deer Lures & Scent business. We are one of the few companies out there to have one year shelf life on our urines. We don’t believe in additives. Why? “It’s Just Not Natural” Simple! Deer hunters everywhere that have tried our scents agree that they are the best on the market and we will continue to have our scents & lures stay that way!

I hope you will enjoy our web site, and allow Mountain Hollow Game Calls to be your communication line to the Great outdoors.

I wish you safe hunting and much success.


Kenneth B. Hammel, Mountain Hollow Game Calls Owner
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