Gobb-Stopper Double Glass Friction Call

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Works in rain or shine and is one of the highest quality friction calls on the market today.

This "Double Glass" Turkey Friction Call features a colorful detailed picture of a gobbler on the front. This Gobb-Stopper Friction Call has also been field tested to produce the most authentic sounds of the wild turkey. Each component part has been made to make you, the turkey hunter, successful in many wild turkey hunts to come.

Our unique design includes the special diameter of the striking surface, the custom designed acrylic pot housing and the striker.

Gobb-Stopper Friction Call comes with a hickory striker for great hunting on sunny days and an acrylic striker for rainy days.

Includes 60 grit sandpaper to sand the surface which creates more friction as you strike to imitate the most realistic wild turkey talk. With proper care this call will last you a lifetime.